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02 August 2008 @ 11:38 pm
Breaking Dawn, discussion  
After 13 hours and 24 minutes of voracious reading, I have AT LAST finished reading Breaking Dawn... and holy cow, what a day.

So, since this book is rather different from other Sparticus Ni sessions, I'm providing a number possible topics of discussion under the cut. Answer as many as you want, but feel free to deviate from them to go off on your own raves, rants, comments, concerns, and general squee-ing over Edward's magnificence.

1. Before you started to read Breaking Dawn, how did you think the series was going to end? Did you think Bella would become a vampire?

2. What did you originally make of Bella's reoccuring nightmares that featured an ominous child and the advancing threat of the Voltouri? Did you think it held any particular significance? What about when Bella's feelings toward the dream-child changed from horror to a desire to protect?

3. What was your first reaction when Bella realized she might be pregnant with Edward's child? Did you possibly realize it before she did? What did you make of Edward's petrified reaction?

4. Point of view shift?! How did you like hearing the story told from Jacob's perspective? Was it strange to you after listening to Bella's side of the story consistently for three books? Did you like this choice?

5. Bella's pregnancy felt like something out of a horror movie. How did you react to seeing our heroine so incapacitated and so stubbornly resolved to keeping her baby? How did you feel about Rosalie's protectiveness of the unborn baby and of Bella (...by association)? What did you think of Edward's desperate plea to Jacob-- was he overreacting?

6. Looking back, how clearly did Meyer set up Jacob's imprint on Renesmee? Did you think Jacob and Renesemee were a good match? Considering that it effectively solved all of the Cullen's problems with the werewolves, was it perhaps too good of a match?

7. What was your reaction to Bella's vampiric transformation? Was it what you expected? Were you surprised when Bella did not behave like a regular newborn vampire, but behaved shockingly like an "improved" version of herself? Did you feel she was improved?

8. How did you feel Edward and Bella fit into their roles as parents? Did you find the transition from "teenage lovers" to "dedicated parents" a hard mental switch to make, or did it seem natural considering the growth of their relationship? Were they believeable as parental figures?

9. Before starting the book, did you have a guess as to what Bella's "superhero" vampire power would be? What did you make of her sheilding powers? And what did you think about Renesmee's thought projection "superpowers"?

10. How did you take Alice's apparent disappearance during the Cullen's time of need? Were you surprised that she and Jasper cut-and-run? Did you think she had something more up her sleeve?

11. Breaking Dawn introduced a whole array of new vampires that Jacob felt he needed an index just to keep them all straight (lucky him, one was provided on page 756)!! Did you like the inclusion of these new vampire friends? Who was your favorite new vampire and whose "superpower" impressed you the most?

12. The final confrontation with the Voltouri. Was it everything you imagined? Were you hoping for something more climactic?

13. And finally, the ending. Were you pleased by the ending, where Edward, Bella, and Renesmee are united happily ever after? Was it a satisfactory finale to the Twilight Saga as a whole? Was there anything lacking that you might have added to make the ending more fulfilling?

14. Any other thoughts on the book as a whole? Any particular Edward (okay, fine, OR Jacob...) moments/quotes that were particularly swoon-worthy?
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Kirstenfreak4theater on August 3rd, 2008 08:03 am (UTC)
I have a lot to say:
1. Before I even started reading Breaking Dawn, I had held a secret hope that Edward would become human again. This was brought on by a moment, I believe, in the first book where he makes some comment that “if I could become human for you I would”, or something to that effect. So as much as I wanted to see Bella become a vampire, I was holding out some hope that a normal human life might be the grand finale for our lovebirds.

3. Holy shit, when Bella thought she might be pregnant with Edward’s baby… my first thought was “Crap. What?” and then a horrifying sensation that I had stumbled onto bad Twilight fanfiction. It seemed so… strange that a teenage romance heroine could suddenly be knocked up. By her undead husband, no less. In my opinion, this was a bad move by Meyer and definitely killed off a lot of the cutesy, mushy Edward-Bella-lovin’ that drew me to the series in the first place.

4. I kind of enjoyed hearing Jacob’s point of view. His humor and thought-conversations were a breath of fresh air for a while there. But, not going to lie, this section of the book DRAGGED on and on and I was certainly done hearing about the little terror in Bella’s uterus.

5. Because what the HELL. Bella’s delivery was messed up. Disgusting. Not to mention all the agony she put Edward and all the Cullen’s through during the (what, week-long?) pregnancy. To me, this whole scheme seemed very unbelievable and I was frustrated with Bella’s lack of self-awareness to see that the baby was killing her. I also had a hard time believing her sudden desire to be a mother so badly. In short, this whole sequence made me really angry. Rosalie and Bella were both being little bitches (Rosalie for ignoring Bella’s best interested and Bella for egging on Jacob CONSTANTLY and hurting Edward with her selfishness).

7. I did not expect Bella’s transformation to be such a sudden and life-saving decision. Since from the beginning Bella had insisted Edward be the one to “change” her, I had always pictured it as a, well, sexier and more intimate event. I did like the idea that the venom that makes people into “monsters” could be seen in a restorative and even positive light—being the only thing that could save Bella from her (demon)child. However, Bella’s transformed self was a little frustrating to me at first, and took some getting used to. I felt for awhile that I didn’t know this Bella—that she was too graceful, too confident, too perfect to be the heroine of the story. Luckily, this imaged diminished with time, but it took adjusting. Honestly, I wished that her transformation could have taken place much later in the story. Before reading, I had thought that the very last scene would be Bella being bitten by Edward, and then would be followed up in an epilogue a few years later once her newborn-ness had faded.

8. If adjusting to vampire Bella was hard, adjusting to Mommy Bella and Daddy Edward was much, much harder. In fact, it was very difficult for me. It was easier to consider them parents, though, after Bella was a vampire because she suddenly seemed older and more mature then… but it was still strange. I really missed the exploratory, innocent, and eager aspect their relationship lost once Renesmee was born.