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02 August 2008 @ 11:38 pm
Breaking Dawn, discussion  
After 13 hours and 24 minutes of voracious reading, I have AT LAST finished reading Breaking Dawn... and holy cow, what a day.

So, since this book is rather different from other Sparticus Ni sessions, I'm providing a number possible topics of discussion under the cut. Answer as many as you want, but feel free to deviate from them to go off on your own raves, rants, comments, concerns, and general squee-ing over Edward's magnificence.

1. Before you started to read Breaking Dawn, how did you think the series was going to end? Did you think Bella would become a vampire?

2. What did you originally make of Bella's reoccuring nightmares that featured an ominous child and the advancing threat of the Voltouri? Did you think it held any particular significance? What about when Bella's feelings toward the dream-child changed from horror to a desire to protect?

3. What was your first reaction when Bella realized she might be pregnant with Edward's child? Did you possibly realize it before she did? What did you make of Edward's petrified reaction?

4. Point of view shift?! How did you like hearing the story told from Jacob's perspective? Was it strange to you after listening to Bella's side of the story consistently for three books? Did you like this choice?

5. Bella's pregnancy felt like something out of a horror movie. How did you react to seeing our heroine so incapacitated and so stubbornly resolved to keeping her baby? How did you feel about Rosalie's protectiveness of the unborn baby and of Bella (...by association)? What did you think of Edward's desperate plea to Jacob-- was he overreacting?

6. Looking back, how clearly did Meyer set up Jacob's imprint on Renesmee? Did you think Jacob and Renesemee were a good match? Considering that it effectively solved all of the Cullen's problems with the werewolves, was it perhaps too good of a match?

7. What was your reaction to Bella's vampiric transformation? Was it what you expected? Were you surprised when Bella did not behave like a regular newborn vampire, but behaved shockingly like an "improved" version of herself? Did you feel she was improved?

8. How did you feel Edward and Bella fit into their roles as parents? Did you find the transition from "teenage lovers" to "dedicated parents" a hard mental switch to make, or did it seem natural considering the growth of their relationship? Were they believeable as parental figures?

9. Before starting the book, did you have a guess as to what Bella's "superhero" vampire power would be? What did you make of her sheilding powers? And what did you think about Renesmee's thought projection "superpowers"?

10. How did you take Alice's apparent disappearance during the Cullen's time of need? Were you surprised that she and Jasper cut-and-run? Did you think she had something more up her sleeve?

11. Breaking Dawn introduced a whole array of new vampires that Jacob felt he needed an index just to keep them all straight (lucky him, one was provided on page 756)!! Did you like the inclusion of these new vampire friends? Who was your favorite new vampire and whose "superpower" impressed you the most?

12. The final confrontation with the Voltouri. Was it everything you imagined? Were you hoping for something more climactic?

13. And finally, the ending. Were you pleased by the ending, where Edward, Bella, and Renesmee are united happily ever after? Was it a satisfactory finale to the Twilight Saga as a whole? Was there anything lacking that you might have added to make the ending more fulfilling?

14. Any other thoughts on the book as a whole? Any particular Edward (okay, fine, OR Jacob...) moments/quotes that were particularly swoon-worthy?
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kylahbirdkylahbird on August 4th, 2008 04:58 am (UTC)
5. Bella's pregnancy was really really scary and scarier still because she didn't seem to realize that she was caring the devil's baby. She THOUGHT she was banging Edward but oh no it was a sadistic creature in disguise. That thing was a monster killing her from the inside, there was more blood and gore in that two weeks of pregnancy than I've ever read in any other book. Obviously it was evil if it was going to have to chew it's way out of it's mother's stomach like in Alien. I really do NOT know what Stephanie Meyer was thinking, has the woman never seen Rosemary's Baby? Then she expects us to instantly love the baby, hi, I was HORRIFIED by it! I so wanted that thing to be extracted but I knew who I was dealing with (met her husband at 16, married and raising kids by 23, Mormon, Utah)and it wasn't going to happen.

6. Renesmee (stupidest name ever, I sat there five minutes going WHAT? when I first heard it) and Jacob are weird. I realize that she was trying to do right by Jacob but that was making everything too perfect. I would have much more preferred Jacob going out as a wolf and running away. He would have been the tragic character that would balance out the happiness of Bella and Edward because too much happy is death to any story. Stephanie Meyer talks a lot of crap about balance for someone who would end a story the way she did. It's like my old English teacher used to say: "Why do we like sad movies so much? It's because we need emotional balance in our lives or we go crazy, sometimes we need to be sad or happy or scarred". THERE WAS NO BALANCE! For a book about vampires everything was surprisingly sunshine and rainbows.

7. I did not like vampire Bella, it was not the Bella I've been reading all this time. That was exactly the reason I did not want to see Bella as a vampire except for very very shortly or something in an epilogue. She lost all her charm when she became a vampire. I mean I like that she was so in love with Edward and that she was falling in love with him all over again but it also cheapened, I felt, her love with him while she was a human. I feel like the first three books were just thrown out the window at that point and like they weren't supposed to compare.

8. I did not like the parenting thing, she totally missed her audience with that. She turned Edward into a side character and the depth of the books were lost because it was not about love and sacrifice anymore, it was about this freaky little baby. We're teenagers and the vast majority of us don't want kids yet and if confronted with one we'd want to get rid of it and feel like our lives could be potentially ruined by keeping it. I feel like she was projecting herself way too much because frankly, when it comes to kids we do not understand the way she feels. Bella went from someone I could to relate with to someone I just didn't get. I hope she realizes that she just created a legion of little girls who are going to want to skip college to have babies with the boys they wished were Edward.
Kirstenfreak4theater on August 4th, 2008 07:01 pm (UTC)
You're right about the book being too sunshine and rainbows for a VAMPIRE book. When I think vampires, I do not think happy-sunshine. I think of Forks. And clouds. Clouds of impending dooooom.

And I definitely agree that Bella becoming a vampire seemed to cheapen her original love for Edward. She kept saying how her human memories were murky and undefined-- but we, the readers, remember them very clearly and love them dearly! And poor Edward, who still remembers them with the same clarity but must now almost re-invest his love in her.